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Join us as we help retirees as well as those who are considering retirement, overcome generic wealth management advice that limits your future. We do this by handcrafting customized financial strategies, centered on your unique lifestyle. Jump on board for this journey where we delve into strategies that can help make your money outlast you as Brett Ramsey draws from years of experience with guest experts to eliminate cookie-cutter savings strategies.

Podcast | Episode 24

Imagine a world where the younger generation is not only savvy with technology but also with their finances.


Dive into an engaging conversation as Brett Ramsey and his two insightful daughters, Caroline and Maryrose, pull back the curtain on the crucial world of financial literacy for the youth. In this episode, they navigate their personal tales of money management, college adventures, and career journeys, painting a vivid picture of how finance intertwines with life's pivotal decisions.


Together, Brett, Caroline, and Maryrose unravel:


  • The pivotal role finances played in their college and career trajectories.
  • The undeniable significance of arming oneself with the right financial knowledge
  • Proactive strategies for preretirees to usher in a new generation with a profound grasp of money's value
  • ...and a treasure trove of more financial gems

Podcast | Episode 23

When it comes to financial and retirement planning, it can be easy to talk about the best strategies in the best scenarios. But what do the financial planning decisions look like from a client’s perspective? How do their everyday actions and family goals change their financial needs?

In this episode, Brett Ramsey speaks with Randy and Margo Wheeler as they share their plans for their family’s future. They reveal how their financial goals have shifted as their children grew older, covering college expenses, budgeting, teaching financial values to children, managing unexpected inheritances, and preparing for retirement.


Randy and Margo discuss:


  • The importance of seeking financial advice and planning for retirement
  • Why is budgeting and prioritizing expenses important
  • How can one prepare for emotional extremes and sudden wealth
  • What should be considered when envisioning the future in retirement
  • And more

Podcast | Episode 22

Retirement means planning for a lot of things. Having enough money, planning what you will do during retirement and how your money will be spent. Along with that comes planning for something you haven’t experienced before. Why not learn from someone who has that experience?

In this episode, Brett Ramsey is joined by Jennifer Clapp, a retiree who shares her experience of suddenly leaving a 30-year career for retirement and how she planned the transition. She explores key habits for financial success, such as having "pocket money" for discretionary spending and investing in retirement savings, along with planning for unexpected bumps along the way.


Brett and Jennifer discuss:


  • How she transitioned out of her company and into retirement
  • Why her husband insisted on her enrolling in the company 401(k) plan
  • How she made the best of an unexpected decision to buy a new house
  • The importance of financial education and mentorship for the next generation
  • Her experience going back to work after entering retirement and after Covid
  •   And more

Podcast | Episode 20

Have you ever had the feeling that unexpected events disrupt your well-planned routine? What role do family dynamics play in your retirement planning decisions?


In this episode, Brett Ramsey speaks with Kim Cox, a nurse practitioner and soon-to-be retiree, about her experience in planning for retirement and how she gained confidence in the plan she made. They emphasize the significance of planning, communication, and seeking expertise in financial decisions.


Brett and Kim discuss:

  • How unexpected events can derail retirement planning
  • The benefits of attending retirement classes and educating oneself about retirement
  • Kim's story of transitioning to part-time work and being a parent and grandparent
  • The importance of open communication with financial advisors to gain confidence in retirement planning
  •   And more

Podcast | Episode 19

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of our financial well-being that often goes overlooked until it becomes a pressing reality.


Therefore, It is crucial to listen and learn from experiences to enjoy this life phase in a relaxed and stress-free manner.


In this episode, Brett Ramsey is joined by Davida Hutson, a retiree who shares her story of unexpected widowhood and the importance of retirement planning. They emphasize the need for organizing your finances, the challenges of estate planning, and the importance of diversification. Additionally, Brett and Davida touch on the importance of taking the first step toward retirement planning and seeking professional advice.


They discuss:


  • A personal story of Brett moving his daughter's couch into her apartment and how it relates to retirement planning
  • Davida's story of unexpected widowhood and how it led her to attend Brett's retirement class
  • Davida's experience of inheriting a diverse portfolio of assets from her parents and the challenges she faced in organizing and distributing them fairly
  • The importance of organizing financial documents and creating a family love letter to ensure that assets are distributed according to the wishes of the deceased
  • The importance of diversification and not getting stuck on one asset
  • Davida's new hobbies and activities to fill her time during retirement
  • And more!

Podcast | Episode 18

Join us as we unravel the remarkable story of John and Mary, two individuals who defied retirement uncertainties and crafted a successful roadmap for their future.


In this episode, John and Mary, who initially found themselves uncertain about their retirement plans, shed light on their experiences and how they overcame unexpected hurdles. 

Here's what you can expect from this episode:

  • Practical strategies for adapting to changing retirement benefits and how to take control of your financial future
  • The importance of consolidating and managing retirement funds from various sources effectively
  • Valuable tips on navigating complex estate settlements and optimizing your inherited assets
  • The significance of diversification in retirement planning and how it can lead to long-term financial stability
  • And more!

Podcast | Episode 17

Do you feel lost when it comes to securing your retirement income amidst an unpredictable market?


In this episode, Brett Ramsey and Jason Bloom, Senior Director of Global ETF Strategy at Invesco US introduces the powerful solution of bond laddering as a risk management technique that aims to deliver consistent income throughout ones retirement years. Listen in as they dive into strategies and guidance in navigating your financial future and addressing your retirement income with confidence.


Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn:


  • How bond laddering can potentially provide you with a roadmap for managing risk in changing interest rate environments
  • Ways to take advantage of staggered bond maturities to better position your investment returns
  • How bond laddering seeks to avoid making large bets on interest rate movements
  • What happens when you align bond laddering with your specific retirement objectives
  • And more

Podcast | Episode 16

As someone approaches retirement, you may be worried about how to make your savings last for the long haul.


It's a common concern, but fortunately, there's a tool that can help: The Income Conductor.

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into retirement income planning and how The Income Conductor can help you make the most of your golden years.


We understand that everyone's retirement goals and financial situations are unique, so we'll guide you through mapping out a personalized plan for your retirement.


Using The Income Conductor, you can visualize each year of your retirement and split your money into different time segments. This will help you create a plan that ensures you won't run out of money and can continue enjoying your retirement to the fullest.

Podcast | Episode 15

Do you remember playing Tic Tac Toe? What if that same classic game could help revolutionize your retirement financial decisions?

Whether in 1-5 years, 6-10 years, or 11+ years, this game can help you determine how much money you need for each goal on the board and where to invest it.   

Listen to Brett simplify the financial decision-making process in retirement by asking key questions such as "When do I need my money? " "How much do I need?" and "Where should I invest?"

Brett discusses: 

  • Using Tic Tac Toe to simplify retirement planning
  • Categorizing your retirement money and determining how much you need for each goal
  • Understanding the tax status of your retirement accounts and investing accordingly
  • Maximizing the benefits of tax-free accounts for tax-free growth
  • Building confidence in your retirement financial decisions

Podcast | Episode 14

Investing inevitably entails risk, but having the knowledge of how to handle and mitigate that risk can significantly impact your success.


Our latest episode features Jeremy Deering, an accomplished portfolio director, who provides a comprehensive understanding of risk management in investing and offers valuable insights on effectively navigating it.


In this episode, Jeremy shares his expertise on managing risk within a portfolio, explains the concept of diversification, and provides crucial information on the price-to-earnings ratio and other related topics.

Podcast | Episode 13

Navigating the probate process can be daunting and emotionally challenging for anyone dealing with losing a loved one. As an executor, heir, or interested party, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the legal process involved in probate and the critical role that an estate executor and attorneys can play in facilitating the proceedings.


In this episode, attorney Corbin King shares his insights and experiences to help listeners understand the probate process and navigate it successfully.


Through his discussion, King highlights the importance of having an estate executor who can help facilitate the probate process and avoid disputes among heirs. He also touches on the critical role that attorneys can play in navigating the complexities of probate and ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are respected.

Podcast | Episode 12

Although often overlooked, estate planning is a crucial component of comprehensive financial planning, and neglecting to address it can have significant consequences.


In this episode, Cheri Brooks, CPA and Managing Director of Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute, discusses financial advisors' crucial role as "quarterbacks" in guiding families through estate planning after losing a loved one.


Cheri also emphasizes the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan and introduces The Family Love Letter™ a planning tool to help families navigate the complexities of this critical task.

Podcast | Episode 11

Get ready for an insightful podcast episode that delves into the world of financial advising and the crucial role of tax planning.

You'll discover how a software company is revolutionizing how advisors offer financial planning to their clients and hear from our special guest Roger Pine, CFA, CFP®, and Co-Founder of Holistiplan as he shares his journey from a former financial advisor turned entrepreneur.

In this episode, Roger shares his experience creating tools to help financial advisors optimize tax planning for their clients.

Listeners will learn that tax planning is integral to financial planning and that financial advisors must include it in their client discussions.

*This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

Podcast | Episode 10

Join us on this episode as we chat with tax guru Mark Crooks, who demystifies the complex world of tax preparation and planning. Mark dispels common myths about taxes and provides valuable insights on how to effectively plan for tax season, regardless of your income sources or tax deductions. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your financial strategy and take control of your taxes. Tune in now!

Podcast | Episode 9

Are you feeling uncertain about when to retire? What could you do to make more informed decisions about your Social Security benefits? Are you curious about how Social Security could impact your retirement income?

Tune in to this episode for helpful tips on how to make informed decisions about your benefits. Join Brett Ramsey as he unpacks everything you need to know about better positioning your retirement income with Social Security. Don't miss out on critical takeaways that could impact your Social Security benefits - start listening now!

Podcast | Episode 8

Are you worried about having enough income to live comfortably in retirement? You're not alone. But what if you had access to a platform that could empower you to make better-informed decisions around social security and create a customized, time-segmented income plan that can be easily managed throughout retirement?

Join Sheryl O’Connor and Phil Lubinski, experts in the retirement marketplace, as they unveil IncomeConductor®, a revolutionary platform that helps retirees and advisors plan for the future with confidence. Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your retirement income and preserve your financial future.

Podcast | Episode 7

Retirement planning often involves considering how to make your savings last as long as possible, which is known as a longevity plan. In this episode, we discuss ways to influence your longevity and improve your quality of life during retirement.

Podcast | Episode 6

What do your finances and health have in common? It’s something we don’t often think about. While financial literacy is essential, our health impacts how we plan our finances.

Podcast | Episode 5

Donor-advised funds are an amazing part of the nonprofit landscape, but they can also be hard to understand. As the market is changing, charitable giving can be a way to remain resilient, keep more of your taxes and do good at the same time.

Podcast | Episode 4

The key to managing your retirement lifestyle is not ‘downsizing’ but ‘rightsizing.’

Podcast | Episode 3

At Artisan Wealth Strategies we’re always thinking about how to elevate the retirement planning process for our clients.

Podcast | Episode 2

Handcrafted for a confident retirement is the motto Artisan Wealth Strategies prides itself on.

Podcast | Episode 1

"Helping make your money last one day longer than you” is one of the notions Artisan Wealth Strategies stands by.