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Life has unexpected events, that’s why it’s critical to consider potential health risks when developing a financial plan.

Health and wealth are closely knit together in financial planning. When creating your plan, get started by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How much could health care cost?
  • What are my options for paying for health care?
  • What are my projected health risks?
  • What’s my projected longevity?

How HALO can help

Client Centered

HALO by Lumiant is a health analysis and longevity optimizer that helps you:

  • Plan for your most active and healthy years in retirement.
  • Determine how many years of additional daily care (in-home care/ assisted living facilities) you may need and what the estimated costs could be.
  • Estimate out of pocket care costs throughout your lifespan and how those costs may change during your different life stages.

What impact could your health have on your future wealth?

HALO brings science and customization to our health and care cost projections. Take the HALO assessment and we'll get the personalized projections we need to make sure you enjoy a healthy retirement.

Note: This link will take you to Lumiant's website to answer health and lifestyle questions in order to create a health care cost analyses report. You will receive a summary, and the full report will be emailed directly to an Artisan Wealth Advisor, who will contact you to discuss the report and its effect on your financial plan.